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100 years Amsterdam School

Louise took the initiative to celebrate 100 years Amsterdam School. Therefore she enthousiasticaly brought stakeholders together to join forces. In this cooperation evrey stakeholder was responsible for its own parts of the programm. By bringing all parts of the programm together for a large programm added empowerment in communications and awareness.

For this cooperation something tangable was needed which lead to a brochure with map and short presentation of all stakeholders. A website was launched with presentations of all stakeholders and links to their activities at their And also a roll-up banner was added to this toolkit. 

For the communication products a collective logo was needed. This logo design is based on the type font t the Shipping House (Scheepvaarthuis). The style name Amsterdam School was given because of this building. When in 1916 this building was officially opened the visual style and form language of the building and interior were so different than people were used to, that in a review by architect Gratama this style was given the name Amsterdam School. Then others took over this term. Besides this style is not created as a movement with a manifest it pasted this etiquette .